Why Hire A Tree Service Professional?

It’s a good idea to hire a tree service professional than care for your tree on your own. Here are very good reasons why this is so.

Many folks who have trees on their property try to care for them on their own. After all, there’s Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia to the rescue, right? And then there are also some tree owners who think that trees can take care of themselves!

The problem is that DIY solutions are invariably inadequate, just as teaching your kids to brush their teeth isn’t enough for their oral health. Just as your kids need a good dentist to help maintain optimum oral health, your trees also need a tree service professional.

  • When you’re still planning to plant a tree in your yard, a professional can pick the right species for your location. The wrong tree can bring too many problems concerning its growth, growing space, and susceptibility to disease and insects. 
  • If you have a tree already, a tree service expert can provide you with a complete list of preventive measures you can implement so that you can reduce problems concerning diseases, insects, or problems with nutrients. 
  • Pruning is a process that’s very beneficial for trees. But you have to do it correctly or else your tree could get sick or even die. A tree expert can make sure that the pruning is done right. Also, in some instances it can be very dangerous to prune your trees, such as when you have problems with electrical lines. In these situations, it’s better for everyone if the professional does the work instead. 
  • Your tree may have wounds that require immediate treatment. An expert will know what to do. 
  • Insects can be a problem for your tree, but you can’t just kill all the insects in the area indiscriminately. Most insects are actually beneficial for trees, and their presence can cause health problems for your tree instead. But with a professional’s help, only the harmful insects can be dealt with. The expert will know what kind of treatment to use that’s effective and won’t harm the beneficial insects or the tree itself. 


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  • Trees are living things, so they’re also vulnerable to disease. This disease can be infectious and spread by carriers like viruses and bacteria. It can be non-infectious too, and it can be caused by nutrient deficiencies and other environmental problems like temperature fluctuations. The expert can identify the precise nature of the disease and will know which treatment to use. 
  • The pro can determine if installing cables and braces can offer the proper support for branches, and this expert will know how to install them properly. 
  • Experts on tree health can help maintain the high quality of the soil. 
  • Tree service professionals can determine if tree removal is necessary, and they can make sure that this is done right and safely. 
  • They can also provide helpful information regarding possible legal issues concerning your trees.

Tree service professionals have the experience, knowledge, and equipment that you won’t ever match regardless of how much you use Google for research. So do yourself—and your trees—a huge favor and hire us, Small Axe, Oahu’s tree experts. If you want your tree to live a longer and healthier life, paying for their service is well worth it.

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