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Do you need the trees on your Honolulu property to look their best? Small Axe Tree Service’s tree service experts are ready to help you get all your trees in shape. Trimming and removing trees is a breeze when you work with us. We provide top-of-the-line equipment to our professionals so that they can complete tasks of any scale with ease.

Simply contact (808) 518-4045, and Small Axe Tree Service will provide you with a free estimate for our tree services in Honolulu.

Our Tree Trimming Services in Honolulu

The majority of homeowners desire healthy growth for their trees. However, these plants can get out of control. Furthermore, your trees could take on an unattractive shape as they grow. You might also notice big, dead branches on your trees.

Worse, excessive growth can compromise safety. Your family could be injured if massive decaying branches crash on them. Additionally, falling branches can injure your neighbors and other passers-by, putting you on the hook for their medical bills. Trees that grow too close to power wires can also pose a threat.

Give us a call immediately if your trees and shrubs don’t look right to you so we can remedy the situation. Our tree trimming services in Honolulu are very affordable with no hidden fees.

Our Tree Removal Services in Honolulu

A dead tree poses a threat to everyone in its vicinity, and it’s a threat you can’t afford to overlook. A dead tree on your property is essentially a massive chunk of wood that can easily be blown away by severe winds. The numerous branches can be whirled around in a missile-like fashion, smashing against cars, windows, and people. Worse, even the tree’s trunk can snap, bringing the entire tree crumbling down.

These are the dangers that dead trees pose to your home. However, this is the type of issue for which we have a remedy. When it comes to handling dead trees quickly, our team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have all the essential equipment to accomplish the task on time. You can count on us for reliable tree removal services in Honolulu.




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Why Choose Small Axe Tree Service?

Our unequaled professionalism and dedication are what set Small Axe Tree Service apart. We take pride in what we do. Making money isn’t the only goal; we’re all about assisting people with caring for their yards and trees. After all, we’re all part of a vast ecosystem, and when we help customers care for their trees, everyone can benefit.

Highly Skilled

    • – Our clients can vouch for our expertise. We can take care of a variety of duties to maintain the health of your trees and plants and keep your yard looking great. Our services also protect your property from damage and keep your family secure from what appears to be a harmless lawn.
    • – We provide our professional knowledge and skills, which have been enhanced and refined over many years of experience. We can examine your trees accurately and then give the most up-to-date and successful tree care methods for your lawn and trees. We also employ specialized equipment such as cranes to reach the tops of your tallest trees.


    • – It’s not only about how much we can accomplish; it’s also about how we go about doing it. Our personnel are taught to treat customers with respect, which includes arriving on time for service.
    • – Our services follow all safety standards and requirements, so if something goes wrong, you’re safe. You don’t have to worry because our service is completely insured. Our methods are not only very effective but also good for the environment. Naturally, being environmentally conscious is important to us!
    • – In addition, we believe that quality tree and lawn care should be easy on the pocket. As a result, every household can afford our services while still receiving high-quality service. We can provide you with a free quote for a particular service. You’re also under no obligation, and you’re free to search elsewhere for a better deal. We’re confident that you won’t find a service comparable to ours in terms of quality and affordability.

Contact us today if you’d like to take advantage of our highly skilled and professional tree services! Call (808) 518-4045 to learn more about our services. Or you can request a free estimate by completing the form on this page.

Call us, Small Axe, for professional Oahu Tree Services!

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