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Quality, personalized, & professional tree services


We, at Small Axe Tree Service, care more about you than our competition does.

You see, most (90%) of the tree service “technicians” in Hawaii spend their time hacking away at commercial trees that no one cares about. Their goal is to get the job done as fast as possible with no quality control. And bad habits created from that carries over to you when you hire them.

Without a care about your property, they’ll just recklessly whack away at your trees dropping them down damaging everything and anything and leave dents in your grass. They’ll pick up the big stuff and leave the rest of the mess for you to stress over.

We know this first hand. We’ve been called many times to come in after these other companies to finish the job, clean up their mess, and do damage control.

Get it done right the first time with us. Your family, boss, or property manager will be glad that you did!

To schedule for a service, you may call us anytime​. Or, you may request a free estimate by filling out the form on this page.

Mahalo and we look forward to serving you!






Professional tree trimming services for any of your tree trimming needs. Large or small trees, we’ll get it done in a “breeze.”



Sometimes removing trees is the best thing to do. Get it removed properly and safely. Whether you need 1 tree removed or 100, we are here to serve you.



Residential and landscaping trees require a higher level of care to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. Proper tree pruning is a must. Don’t hesitate to call us.



Mother nature will grow uncontrollably. All you can do is maintain it. One-time or scheduled tree and landscaping services, we are here to serve you.

Oahu’s #1 Tree Service Company

We are Oahu’s professional and quality driven tree service company. We specialize in residential structural tree work, tree trimming, tree removal, detailed pruning, maintenance and more.

For years, we have been servicing Oahu residents with quality tree work island-wide with Aloha pride! We are a small company. Our crew consists of industry professionals with experience in forestry and urban tree work to provide an awesome service to you.

What Makes Us #1?

We are here to serve you!

With your service you’ll receive:

  • A Photo Report
  • Great Service
  • Honest Business
  • Enforced Quality Control
  • Beautiful Trees (or clean removals)
  • A Happy Crew
  • Genuine Service

Being a small company is not a detriment but an advantage for us to serve you with the utmost quality of service at affordable prices. We personalize our services to fulfill your needs.

  • We are not an “in-and-out hack job”-type of company.
  • We care about our work because we care about you and respect your property.
  • We strive to get the job done right the first time, every time.
  • We are a full-service company and aren’t done until everything is cleaned up.
  • We are fully insured to ensure your protection. ​
  • Above all else, safety is the #1 priority.
  • ANSI compliant with industry safety rules.

Call us to schedule your tree service today!

It’s more than just a job

We enjoy the art of trimming and pruning trees. Each tree and job site is its own puzzle to be solved.

The trimming process starts with identifying what the objective is and we ask you and ourselves these questions:

– What does the tree do for your property?
– Does it provide shade, ambiance, and/or aesthetics?
– What does the tree do for your property value?
– Does the tree present any hazards?
– Does the tree produce fruit? If so, are the fruits good or are they just bombing your car and leaving stains on your sidewalk?
– Etc.

Then we create a plan of action to work with the tree, not against it. We treat it like a giant bonsai.

To us, tree removal is an art that takes years of watching and assisting from the ground to understand. Using weight distribution and applied physics to make a tree disappear even when it’s in tight hazardous spots is the craft we enjoy.

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Our prices are relatively low and competitive. The scope of work will determine the price. Your service will always get done for the price quoted. Although our rates are low, we will never compromise our quality of work for price.

Price is what you pay; value is what you receive… Competition?

For a free estimate call us at (808) 518-4045 or you may fill out the inquiry form on this page and someone will contact you right away.

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